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These days, with the overwhelming abundance of information pouring through social media on health and fitness, it’s easy to feel intimidated, or even paralyzed on how to approach our health and fitness goals. Almost every other week we are steered to, or away, from different foods or advertised the promise of immediate results from an influencer’s “5 insane fat burning exercises that you haven’t been doing”.


Clickbait titles have flooded our feeds, documentaries have demonized foods, and self-proclaimed “gurus” have misled us into believing their diets yield extraordinary physiological results and that it is the only way in life. It’s sad to see that because research findings aren’t “sexy” or advertised by someone with an amazing physique, science gets tossed to the wayside and the credibility of an individual is bought thought their own results or their appearance. 

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Finding your resting metabolic rate, an assessment of your caloric needs, and a recommendation for calorie goals with weight loss

A 3D body scan to help in seeing improvement in body composition throughout the months


A sample day template to follow in order to develop new habits to help achieve your goals

Breakdown of your consultation tools

Resting Metabolic Rate

So often when people start to try and pursue weight loss, they begin with the two most common approaches. One, eat better and two, start exercising. These are great places to start, but oftentimes “eating better” is something in which we need to implement a caloric deficit. Most people don’t know where to start in terms of calories and what their daily needs are for it. We have some equations (Harris-Benedict Formula/Katch-McArdle/Mifflin- St Jeor) that help us estimate our caloric needs, but some of these overestimate the requirements.


On top of that even being off by a little can create frustration when we begin stepping on the scale and not seeing any progress. It’s important that we get off to an accurate start when we begin this pursuit, so I think finding our RMR is a great tool. Our RMR test is finding out how the metabolic demands of our body. Basically, it’s how many calories you would burn sitting on the couch all day doing nothing. With finding our RMR, we have a great starting point in assessing where we start with our calories.


Now we also factor other things into this such as exercise (EAT), the physical demands of our daily lives like jobs/running errands/etc. (NEAT), and even the thermic effect of foods we eat(TEF). Through this, we can get a more accurate estimate of your Total Energy Expenditure (TEE). We are able to assess your requirements and figure out the number of calories we should start with for creating a deficit, or even how many calories you should plan on eating in order to try and put on weight. 

  1. 10-15 minute test

  2. Finds out your Resting Metabolic Rate 

  3. Assessment of your caloric needs

  4. Recommendation for calorie goals with weight loss

3D Body Scan


  • The body scan will yield a 3D scan of your physique. The scan is about 40 seconds from start to finish. It’s a great tool for us to see improvement in body composition throughout the months

  • The scan is sent directly to your email or you can even download the app and keep track of your next scan. The best part is it will show the comparisons and highlight the sites that were altered

  • Takes your weight

  • Takes your measurements 

  • Presents posture/imbalances

  • Shows how much weight you place on the front/backside of your feet

Sample Day Template

  • A breakdown of your daily recommended macro intake

  • Water, fiber, and macronutrient recommendations 

  • Meal suggestions to fit within your recommended daily intake

  • Meal frequency suggestions

  • Purchasing suggestions


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