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Mobile Gym & Training


  • Train from the convenience of your own home, or a nearby area like a park

  • No worries about feeling judged or watched

  • Individualized training to best support your goals

  • Exercises prescribed to you with the intent of training pain-free

  • Educating you so that you will feel better about yourself and your technique for when you do set foot in the gym



Everyone knows gyms all offer personal training services or programs for their members, but these require you to actually go there in person and perform the sessions within crowded conditions. While I wanted to offer these services to you all, I also wanted to take a different approach. 


My first time going to the gym, while overweight, was completely overwhelming and intimidating. I felt out of place and did not know how to perform any exercises other than bicep curls that I’ve seen from people in the movies. In the beginning, this gave me lots of anxiety and I didn’t want to go back so I started running through my neighborhood and trying my hand at-home exercises.


When I finally dropped all my weight, I went back in and felt much more at ease, and then for the next couple of years, I practically lived there. Then college started for me and as a couple of years went by, I started gaining all my weight back. It got to the point where I stopped into the gym over our winter break, and I had someone literally come up to me and asked what happened. After that, I felt completely out of place and stopped going there again because I knew regulars had probably noticed my weight gain as well.


I stopped showing up and started buying weights and training in my garage because I didn’t want to be seen again by anyone knowing that I wasn’t at my peak fitness.  I once again got back down to a similar level of fitness and I had felt good enough to start coming back. 


This has always been a struggle for me in my life, but I found comfort in being in places outside the gym. People I knew from school, parents, and random people I would always see were always there and I didn’t feel comfortable especially when I was trying to learn how to exercise or showing up when I wasn’t physically at my best.


So with this mobile training, I wanted to make it something that would make you feel comfortable and at ease with learning how to exercise. I can understand the stress of being uncomfortable with it all, and yes we need to get uncomfortable sometimes, but I think we need to save that for mental battle you will have with yourself during the workout, and not on whether, or not, people are looking at you or passing judgment.


Just like the large classes, you see at the gym for kickboxing, cycling, and circuits, we wanted to offer something similar with group training. Group training has always been a great option for exercise because being in a group with others begins to foster accountability and comradery. Individuals tend to find better success pursuing their goals when they do it with others within their social circle.


We think group training is a great opportunity for you and your friends to challenge yourselves as well as meet other individuals that have the same intentions. Our sessions will be outdoors so it’s a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the California weather.


Some of the pros to group training include:

  • Cheaper and more cost-effective to one-on-one training

  • All lifts/exercises have a small learning curve so you don’t have to worry about not being able to perform the movement

  • Sessions are great for dropping in whenever you want a change of pace from your normal routine, but also can be a normal exercise-based routine

  • Bringing more people to make it cheaper, but also will help keep you more accountable and consistent


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