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Private Gym & Training


1. Equipment that is catered to multiple types of training (Weightlifting/Powerlifting/Crossfit/Circuits/etc)

2. No large crowds

3. Premium equipment that is featured in premier training facilities such Division 1 Colleges, Professional Sports Organizations, and gyms training high-end clientele

4. Fostering a strong sense of community with a small group of individuals

5. Continuing education through social media to help you figure out the best way to approach your training goals



After some time searching for a facility, we were finally able to secure a location that suited all of our needs. My aim was to create a facility that would be catered to those that have had some training experience under their belt and have an understanding that all types of training have merit in order create a more well rounded program.


With that in mind, we decided to go with pieces of equipment that would be able to accommodate a large variety of training. We have plenty of pieces for conditioning (aerobic work) and strength training (anaerobic). With that in mind, we wanted to make sure the layout of the gym was spacious, yet versatile so that anyone can execute their workouts, regardless of what’s needed.

With the space provided, we wanted to offer a few different services, all of which would be able to cater to your individual training needs and wants, as well as what’s In your budget.


List of services:
1 on 1 Individualized Training
Semi-Private Group Training (3x a week) (M/W/F) (TUES/TH/SAT)
Personal Gym Membership (Different tiers)

Along with long-term, consistent training comes the need for recovery as we all hit ruts in our in training. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to make sure we made available our recovery services for when you come across that stagnation or plateau.


Just like the large classes, you see at the gym for kickboxing, cycling, and circuits, we wanted to offer something similar with group training. Group training has always been a great option for exercise because being in a group with others begins to foster accountability and comradery. Individuals tend to find better success pursuing their goals when they do it with others within their social circle.


We think group training is a great opportunity for you and your friends to challenge yourselves as well as meet other individuals that have the same intentions. 


Some of the pros to group training include:

  • Cheaper and more cost-effective to one-on-one training

  • All lifts/exercises have a small learning curve so you don’t have to worry about not being able to perform the movement

  • Sessions are great for dropping in whenever you want a change of pace from your normal routine, but also can be a normal exercise-based routine

  • Bringing more people to make it cheaper, but also will help keep you more accountable and consistent


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